What is the last date to submit solutions?
The solution must arrive at the Eternity II adjudicators at noon, December 31, 2008. December 28 will be the last date that I accept incoming solutions.

What do the different characters .;+| etc mean in the output?
When the program finds a solution with some score it will start a new line stating that score. Then if the next solution had the same score as the previous, only one character is appended on the same line. In order to more easily see that new solutions are found, a different character is used all the time. + is used for every tenth solution on that row, | is used every 5th solution, and for the others . and , are used.
For example:
4XX 69 ,.,|.,.,+.,.,|.,.,+.,.,|.,.,+.,.,|
means that since last report, 4XX score nr. 69 was found, and after that 34 more subsequent solutions with score 4XX were found.

How can I view the boards that contain my high scores?
The high scores are saved in encrypted form. A utility is available that you can use to convert the high scores to a format that can be used in publicly available Eternity II viewers, see the instructions for details.

Does the EII Solver support hint pieces?
No, they are not supported. They are only in the way if you try to achieve high partial scores, which is the primary objective of the EII Solver.

Why does it take so long time to improve my score?
Finding a score X+1 is much harder than finding X. And the difficulty factor increases all the time the higher X gets. It is the reason why I need your help! But don't give up! Sometimes suddenly a beautiful score appears out of nowhere.

Can the EII Solver solve other Eternity II-like puzzles?
In principle it can solve any 16x16 puzzle with 17 inner colors and 5 border colors. But it will always put the mandatory piece 139 on the same position as in the real Eternity II puzzle. Also its parameters have been tuned to solve the real Eternity II puzzle.

Why isn't there a forum for the EII solver?
For general discussions about Eternity II, please become a member of http://games.groups.yahoo.com/group/eternity_two. That is the place to be for all major discussions about anything related to Eternity II. As for discussions specific to the EII Solver: if you know how to set up a forum, you are welcome to help me! Otherwise you can mail questions or suggestions to eiisolver@gmail.com.

Who are the Fingerboys?
We are an enthusiastic amateur band from the south of Sweden. We play mostly blues and rock, only for fun. We have currently about 20 own songs (unpublished), but on the few gigs we do, we play mostly covers.

Who is "I"?
My name is Louis Verhaard. I live in the south of Sweden but originally I come from the Netherlands. My profession is software designer/programmer. I look like this. I am one of the two drummers in Fingerboys.