Best results

Here are some of my best Eternity II results.

Submitted 467

submitted 467

This is the submitted 467 partial solution that won the $10 000 prize. See here for the et2 file. I have myself only found four times a 467, the other three are here, here, and here.

226 scan-row

226 scan-row

My best scan-row result. See here for et2 file. With courtesy to Henk van der Griendt for making this picture available.



Only 7 holes. See here for the et2 file.



During the competition every now and then someone claimed that he/she had solved the puzzle. Sometimes they even publised a picture, but in those cases you could often see quickly that the solution was not real. In that respect I think my solution looks much better... See here for the et2 file.

Yet another solution


Another "solution".