EII Solver

Eternity II is a puzzle with a 2 million dollar prize for the first person who solves it, see www.eternityii.com for more information. If no one solves the puzzle, there is a smaller prize (unknown how much) for the solution with the most fitting edges.

The EII solver is a program that has been designed to compete for the smaller prize. But theoretically it is possible that the EII solver might stumble on a complete solution.

You can freely download the EII solver. If your computer finds a high score that would turn out to win, you get a 50% share of the prize, small or big (this applied until December 31, 2008).

From the first of January 2009, you are entitled to use the program and use the results as you like, without sharing any prize money, so you have a free chance to win 2 million dollars!

It would be nice if you could submit information about your high scores to eiisolver@gmail.com.

Details of how the solver works can be found here.


Eternity II competition over


Unfortunately, no one won 2 million dollars and the competition is closed. At least now we can show our results without the risk of being disqualified, so here you can see some of my results on the puzzle.

10 000$ won by eii!


Tomy awarded $ 10 000 for the best entry during 2008 to Anna Karlsson from Lund in Sweden, see uk.eternityii.com. Well, that's my wife! The submitted score was 467. Despite many users have tried eii, no user found a score higher than this, although many users found also 467. But surprisingly (for me) 467 was anyway enough to win!

EII decoder released


As promised, a utility is now released that you can use to decode .eii files that are generated by the solver, see the instructions for details.

EII solver described


Details of how the solver works can be found here.

EII Solver 1.0 Released


Headline says it all.