DSoundTool User manual

© 2010-2012, Shortest Path AB

Using DSoundTool you can produce/edit sound files that can be loaded into the Drumit Five drumming system.

What are .dsnd files?

.dsnd files are Wave files that contain the sounds played by the Drumit Five drumming system. One .dsnd file contains typically sounds for all zones (like bell, bow, edge for cymbals, or head and rim for toms and snares). Each zone usually contains many samples (called velocity layers) at different volumes. For example many snares in the DrumIt Five kit contain as much as 80 samples; this contributes to the natural sound of the DrumIt Five.

.dsnd files can be downloaded to the Drumit Five by connecting the Drumit Five module to a computer using a USB cable and starting the Drumit Five in USB mode.